Benefits of Evening Primrose oil – Compare to another essential oils, Primrose essential oil only known these recent years. The fact is, Primrose essential oil has tremendous health effects to our body. If only we use it regularly in a proper way. The essential oil of Primrose may give good health effects to skin, hormones, hair, and skeletal system.

Native people of America and Europe use the wild flower of Evening Primrose as food. This unique flower originally can be found in the Eastern and Northern America.

Only then, by collecting the flowers and the process it with advance method known as cold pressed method, we can achieve the oil.

Hence, the essential oil of Evening Primrose then has been used as food supplement.

The substances available in Evening Primrose essential oil are fatty acid, omega-3, omega-6 along with the other good materials. The vitamin A, K, D, and E works along to provide the substance the body itself cannot provide.

Consuming fatty acid will slows down the food absorption, hence it is good for dietary programs. While the Omega, helps the body to restore and developing the brain function, growth matter, maintaining the health condition of our body.

The body is also needs the fatty acid to converting carotene into vitamin A, along with mineral absorption and another therapeutics process.

Evening primrose oil therapeutics effect is good to overcome the pain during PMS, irritation, allergies, inflammation, and also autoimmune deficiency diseases.

1. Hormonal support

As written above, the Evening Primrose oil is fine natural treatment to ease the PMS symptoms. It helps women to ease the uncomfortable feelings such as pimples, depression, water retention, headache, breast inflammation, and many other. Not to mention, according to a research, the essential oil of Primrose can also ease the PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian syndrome).

The PCOS itself is a endocrine disorder of a reproductive age women. This endocrine disorder will imply to another women fertility when it is left untreated.

Symptoms of PCOS you might wanna know are; irregular menstrual cycle, hair fall, obesity, pimples, over bleeding, ovarian cyst, and many other.

Hence the advantage of Evening primrose oil for women’s health. It is mainly increases the mucus inside the cervix and help to normalize the metabolism. The suggestion is consuming the essential oil of Evening Primrose about 1,500 grams at first day of the cycle to the ovulation.

2. Favor during giving birth

Our body needs Prostaglandin E to control hormone regulation, and precisely managing the cells growth. The Omega 6 available inside the Evening Primrose essential oil makes it very healthy for our body.

Without Prostaglandin E, there will be rapid blood coagulation, high blood pressure, inflammation, bowel irritation, cell proliferation, and infertility. Not to mention the decreasing body immune system, chance of cancer, and obesity.

Moreover, especially for women, they can use the benefit of Evening Primrose essential oil for giving birth. The last week before delivery process, they can consume the essential oil of Evening Primrose capsules to mature the cervix. Hence, the baby delivery process is getting easy.

3. Boost the fertility

There is a prove that Omega 6 has been able to increase the production of cervix’ mucus. The mucus is important so that the sperm is able to swim freely through the cervix. Hence the sperms can ovulate the eggs. The cervix mucus is very important, since it supports and increases the chance of pregnancy. The less cervix mucus amount, the less also the chance of sperms to ovulate the eggs.

The Evening Primrose essential oil increases the mucus production in the cervix. The dosage of use is about 500 mg, each in every day use. To increases the chance of pregnancy, it is better to also increase your sexual activity.

Apart from that, the essential oil of Evening Primrose has the direct effect to the womb cells. It encourage the womb cells health, and prepare it for pregnancy.

4. Overcome pimples

One of many causes pimples is the hormonal fluctuation. This condition mostly found in teenagers during the puberty. Hormonal imbalance is able to cause many uncomforting situation. This condition mostly affecting to most women, especially due their menstrual cycle.

Something that people don’t know is that, we can naturally overcome this condition easily.

Any external medication will only cure outside of the body, and it’ll only delay the next comforting situation to come. The best way to do is get to the point, which is keeping the balance of the hormonal system.

The essential oil of Evening Primrose provides omega 6 which is able to maintain the hormones in their normal situation. Not only that, the Evening Primrose oil will also increase the overall look of the skin. It returns the skin to its healthy and natural look, and even gives the radiant effect.

5. Prevents hair fall

Lots of men and women having troubles with their hair condition and care. One of those hair problems is the hair fall. However, the hair fall has deep correlation with the hormonal system. Hence, some of us, overcome the situation by diet or health supplements.

Nonetheless, the cause of the hair fall itself is head scalp follicles sensitivity, which is influenced by the hormone of DHT (5α-Dihydrotestosterone). On men, the hair fall known as Androgenetic alopecia. The other causes of the hair fall are high stress, thyroid condition, toxicity, and bad hair treatments.

The Evening Primrose essential oil contains omega 6, GLA which is effectively fight against hair fall. At first try to consume 500 mg, each in each day. The effect will be seen about the next 6 to 8 weeks.

You can also add the essential oil of Evening Primrose into your ordinary hair shampoo or straight apply it on the hair and head scalp.

Don’t forget to give a gentle massage onto your hair and head scalp, so that the oil of Primrose benefit penetrate deep inside the hair.

According to University of Maryland research, at least 7 months of using the benefit of Evening Primrose oil will significantly affecting the hair.

Not to mention they also use lavender, lemongrass, and cypress essential oil as their research objects.

benefits primrose essential oil for health

6. Skin health booster

Not far from the hair fall treatment, Evening primrose oil is also proven to be good choice for treating any other kinds of skin disorders. They are eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and also any other mild skin diseases.

The journal of Cosmetic science studies state that essential oil of Evening Primrose is able to ease structural and functional change on the skin. In relation with skin system, sally skin, rash, red colored skin, dull colored skin, and skin coarseness.

Skin suffering from eczema won’t be able to process fatty acid. Hence it lacks of gamma linolenic acid or GLA. It is an Omega 6 that diminish the inflammation and irritation due of foreign matters such as soap, chemicals, and perfumes.

The skin reaction to this irritation can be red rash, itch, dry skin, or even blisters skin. Not to mention the edema.

Hence, the using of Evening Primrose essential oil avoid skin disorders, if we use it regularly on a proper dosage.

7. Avoid Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is a condition where the joints of our body experiencing chronic arthritis. It is usually attacking on the both sides of the body joints. The arthritis is caused by auto immune diseases, or the combination of genetic factors, surroundings, hormonal disorders.

Using regularly the health benefits of the essential oil of Evening Primrose, is able to decreases the change of getting Rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, the oil of Evening Primrose is one of the best natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, known today.

Meanwhile, to cure the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis, with the essential Evening Primrose oil, it will need 1 to 3 months.

8. Help to ease Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis happens when there are tiny holes inside the bone or in the skeletal system. in other word, it is the condition when the bones getting weakened and resulting bone fracture, or Dowager’s hump. The good news is, the Evening Primrose oil is good to treat the osteoporosis.

Especially, when it comes from imbalance of hormones. Some studies reveal that consuming Primrose Evening essential oil along with fish oil, and calcium is able to increases the bone density. Hence, the Primrose oil is good for elderly with osteoporosis.

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